DZL Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler for Agricultural Products Processing

February 24, 2022
Available industries: Agricultural Products Processing
Project boiler medium:hot water
Capacity:2.8 MW

dzl coal boiler

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LIPKOM DOO is a Serbian company specializing in the production and sale of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and dried fruits, which are processed mainly through low-temperature drying process. When looking for a industrial boilers supplier, the customer came to ZOZEN’s online website through the Internet and became interested in the service cases displayed for various industries, so he left his boiler requirements and contact information for the online engineer.

ZOZEN’s business manager contacted the customer first and learned that the customer needed a hot water boiler to provide a stable heat source for the agricultural processing segment. Based on the actual heat energy required for production, ZOZEN’s designers customized a DZL series 2.8 MW coal fired hot water boiler system for the customer. This boiler is shipped in quick assembly, with a smaller body and less floor space. After the boiler is transported to the destination, only the accessories need to be installed before it can also be put into operation, which is less difficult to install and has a shorter cycle time, and ensures the quality of the boiler body to a greater extent, which is ideal for the production line of small factories.

DZL series coal hot water boiler has reasonable arrangement of furnace arch, furnace wall and furnace heating surface, and adopts high-efficiency heat transfer element threaded flue tube to strengthen the heat transfer effect, which makes the boiler thermal efficiency reach more than 82%, and the high thermal efficiency can effectively save the operation cost of enterprises. DZL coal-fired boiler has a highly automated operation control system, mechanized supply of fuel, ash, slag and a series of other operations basically do not require manual participation, but also well reduce labor costs, the customer is satisfied with the whole process of cooperation, the quality of the boiler, operational stability.

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