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ZOZEN Successful Cases
We have 13350 successfull cases, and our boiler are used for many industries, such as foo,d feed industry, rubber industry, chemical industry, paper industry, oil refining industry, textile industry and etc.Product dimensions and equipment levels are tailored to the customer's individual needs, no matter what industry you are engaged in, ZBG will be able to help you. Our engineer will customize boiler system solution to the customer's individual needs, no matter what industry you are engaged in, ZOZEN will be able to help you.

4 Ton Biogas Steam Boiler for Egypt Dairy Plant

Available industries: Dairy Plant Project boiler medium: Steam Capacity: 4 ton per hour Equipment: WNS4-1.25-Q Get Quotation High-temperature steam is very important to the dairy process...

15 Tons Chain Grate Coal Boiler in Feed Mill

Available industries: Feed Mill Project boiler medium: Steam Capacity: 15 ton per hour Equipment: SZL15-1.6-M Get Quotation Feed production lines need steam boilers to provide heat suppo...

Pharmaceutical Factory 4 Tons Biomass Steam Boiler

Available industries: Pharmaceutical Factory Project boiler medium: Steam Capacity: 4 ton per hour Equipment: DZL4-1.25-SCIII Get Quotation As an important heating equipment for pharmace...

One of leaders in China's industrial boiler company.

We owns over 200 sets of sophisticated equipment, including shearing machine, bending machine, pipe plate automatic welding machine, cross arm welding machine, lifting platform, automatic flip platform, threaded pipe automatic production line, 10-32 ton cranes, gantry CNC drilling machine, vertical drilling machine, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC plate reeling machine, vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, sawing machine.

What is worth mentioning, ZOZEN Boiler is the first enterprise to introduce the threaded pipe automatic production line.

Professinal Customer Service
Please feel free to contact us if you have any technical questions about boilers, our sales engineers are available within 24 hours. You can email us at zhulin@zozen.com or fill out the online service request, we'll reply you as soon as possible. Please check your email or whatsapp in time. If you do not receive the email in your normal inbox, please check your spam mail folder.
Latest News

Industrial Boiler Machine in Large Chemical Enterprise

September 29, 2022

As an essential heating equipment in the production of chemical enterprises, boilers affect the production efficiency and long-term development of enterprises, so great attention is paid to the quality and long-term operation effect of boiler products in the procurement process of industrial boil...

Industrial Boilers for Textile Drying

September 28, 2022

Industrial steam boilers are widely used in various industries as an efficient heating production aid. In the textile industry, industrial boilers provide a large amount of steam for drying and shaping of textiles to soften, stiffen, prevent slippage, stretch and resin finishing of various dyeing...

Gas Fire Tube Boiler Price in Bangladesh

September 27, 2022

ZOZEN Boiler is a Class A boiler manufacturer, specializing in industrial boilers and small and medium-sized power station boilers of various parameters. After more than 30 years of development, ZOZEN has rich project service experience, strong design team, advanced manufacturing equipment and st...

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