Building Materials Industry 10 Million kcal Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Heater

July 9, 2024

Available industries:Building Materials Industry

Project boiler medium:HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

Capacity:10 Million kcal


Building Materials Industry 10 Million kcal Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Heater

Building Materials Industry 10 Million kcal Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Heater


A building materials company based in Hebei Province has been operating since 2007. With a sprawling total area of 80,000 square meters and a fixed capital of 50 million yuan, it has established itself as a large-scale enterprise. The company specializes in the production of water templates and boasts three production lines capable of manufacturing 2 million water templates of various specifications annually. As part of their commitment to meeting energy needs and embracing environmental initiatives, the company sought a reliable, efficient, and versatile boiler solution to replace conventional energy sources.

The client company had a specific requirement to optimize the utilization of their by-products as fuel for the boiler, thereby enhancing energy efficiency and environmental performance. In response to their needs, ZOZEN Boiler provided a customized solution: a 10 million kcal biomass fired thermal oil heater. This particular series of thermal oil heaters features a reciprocating grate structure, enabling efficient operation and seamless energy conversion using the client’s by-products.

Moreover, ZOZEN Boiler‘s assembly design has proven highly advantageous for the building materials company in Hebei. When the boiler components arrive at the site, they only need to be connected to pipelines, valves, and control circuits to initiate normal operation. This streamlined installation process significantly reduces both the installation period and costs, saving valuable time and resources for the customer.

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