4 Ton Biomass Boiler Used in Feed Production

February 15, 2022
Available industries: Feed Production
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:4 ton per hour

biomass boiler in Turkey
ZOEN produces biomass steam boilers for feed mills with tonnages ranging from 2 to 35 tons, which can meet the needs of feed mills of different sizes. According to ZOZEN’s service experience in the feed industry, there are generally more fast-mounted or assembled biomass boilers of 2 to 20 tons. After seeing the successful cases of ZOZEN Boiler Company for many feed mills on the Internet, a customer proposed to buy a 4 ton steam boiler and made clear requirements for the safety and environmental protection of the boiler.

After analyzing the steam usage of the customer’s feed production line, ZOZEN’s engineers considered that the production process would produce a large amount of crop residue that could be used as boiler fuel for secondary use, so they customized the DZL series biomass boiler system for the customer. Compared to traditional boilers, the DZL series biomass boiler has a larger furnace chamber space, while the secondary air is arranged very reasonably to ensure full combustion of fuel, and also configured a speed control box for this boiler to adjust the speed according to the biomass combustion rate, all of which can effectively reduce NOX emissions.

The 4 ton biomass boiler is an assembly boiler, and the model of this boiler produced by ZOZEN is DZL series chain grate biomass boiler. The representative models are DZL4-1.25-M, which is a furnace with a rated pressure of 1.25, and can be used directly with biomass fuel or mixed combustion of biomass pellets and coal. The single return threaded flue pipe is used in the boiler barrel of this model to strengthen the heat transfer effect, while the threaded flue pipe has a self-cleaning function to avoid the accumulation of ash in the flue pipe.

This new environmentally friendly 4 ton biomass steam boiler has been running in the feed production line for a few months, and the customer has given feedback that this biomass boiler, which uses the crop residues generated from feed down as fuel, has reduced the fuel cost of the enterprise. Thanks to ZOZEN for solving many problems from the enterprise’s point of view and making this cooperation very smooth.

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