Mauritius Textile Plant empowered by 10-ton Heavy Oil Fire Tube Steam Boiler

March 14, 2024

Available industries:Textile Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:10 TPH


Mauritius Textile Plant empowered by 10-ton Heavy Oil Fire Tube Steam Boiler

Mauritius Textile Plant empowered by 10-ton Heavy Oil Fire Tube Steam Boiler

Faced with production challenges and the need for an efficient and environmentally conscious steam system, Denim De L’Ile Limited (DDI), a textile factory in Mauritius, turned to ZOZEN Boiler based on their reputation for technical expertise and quality offerings.

The Challenge:

DDI encountered inefficiencies and increasing maintenance costs with their existing steam system. They sought a steam solution that could deliver high efficiency, operational stability, and align with their commitment to sustainability.

ZOZEN’s Solution:

ZOZEN Boiler proposed the utilization of the 10-ton WNS series oil-fired steam boiler, optimized to run on heavy oil, to address DDI’s requirements. The choice of heavy oil as an energy source was strategically aligned with Mauritius’ geographical and economic dynamics. 10-ton heavy oil fire tube steam boiler‘s high thermal efficiency and reliable operation made it an ideal fit for DDI’s round-the-clock, intensive production needs.

ZOZEN Boiler went above and beyond by providing a comprehensive installation guide video, ensuring smooth installation and fine-tuning. Additionally, a seasoned engineer from ZOZEN was dispatched to oversee on-site debugging for a week, guaranteeing a seamless process from start to finish.

Benefits Achieved:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: 10-ton heavy oil fire tube steam boiler significantly improved the overall efficiency of DDI’s steam system, leading to optimized production processes and reduced energy consumption.
  2. Operational Stability: The reliable operation of the boiler ensured uninterrupted steam supply, meeting DDI’s intensive production requirements and minimizing downtime.
  3. Environmental Consciousness: By optimizing heavy oil as the energy source, DDI aligned with their sustainability goals, reducing environmental impact while maintaining production efficiency.


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