YLW Series Coal / Biomass Fired Thermal Fluid Heater

December 13, 2019
YLW Series Coal / Biomass Fired Thermal Fluid Heater
Capacity: 1400 – 29000 KW
Pressure: 0.8 – 1.0 Mpa
Temperature: 320 °C
Fuel: Bituminous coal, anthracite, biomass particles
Industries: Chemical,high temperature heating technology for fertilizer, melamine, alumina and so on

Product Description

YLW thermal fluid heater of the chain grate is separated from the heater ontology, is a square pad pipe horizontal chain grate heater assembly.Only after the product is in place need on oil, electricity can be put into operation. Adopt the chain grate machine, realizing machinery coal and induced draft fan and blower machine mechanical ventilation, slag discharge.

Zozen Boioer Co., Ltd. is one of the most powerful industrial boiler manufacturing enterprise in China
YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heater is energy conservation, low emissions, and thermal efficiency is higher than 80%, high level of automation

Technical Advantages
Long Service Life

Convective heating surface with effective fixed and structural support, better extend the service life of the boiler.

Simply Operation

The patented combustion arch technology makes different types of fuels easy to burn.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

The interior is made of high quality firebrick and the middle is made of high quality perlite.Control the furnace temperature below 50℃ to minimize the loss.
The furnace body adopts double coil, heating surface is sufficient.