Concrete Industry 10-Ton Three-Pass Gas Steam Boiler

June 14, 2024

Available industries:Concrete Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:10 tph


Concrete Industry 10-Ton Three-Pass Gas Steam Boiler

Concrete Industry 10-Ton Three-Pass Gas Steam Boiler


Jiangsu Fangyuan Pile Industry Co., Ltd., a renowned manufacturer specializing in concrete and pre-stressed concrete components since 1971, has taken a significant step towards improving production efficiency and product quality. By integrating the ZOZEN WNS series 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler into their production process, they have achieved remarkable results.

In concrete production, the curing process plays a crucial role in ensuring the desired strength and durability of the final product. The application of steam during curing is vital for the gradual development of concrete’s properties. 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler excels in providing a consistent and uniform supply of steam for concrete curing. Its efficient heat exchange performance guarantees an optimal balance of moisture and temperature within the concrete components, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of the finished concrete.

When it comes to concrete curing, high-quality steam is essential for promoting the hydration reaction, which directly impacts the concrete’s strength and durability. The steam generated by the WNS series boiler maintains a stable temperature and is free from impurities, ensuring a pristine steam quality. This eliminates the risk of surface defects like air holes and cracks that can arise from poor steam quality. Consequently, the use of high-quality steam significantly improves the product yield and enhances the safety performance of the concrete components.

By incorporating the ZOZEN Boiler WNS series 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler, Jiangsu Fangyuan Pile Industry Co., Ltd. has taken a proactive approach to optimize their concrete production process. This investment has not only improved production efficiency but also resulted in superior product quality, reinforcing their position as a leader in the industry.

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