Chemical Industry 3 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater

June 4, 2024

Available industries:Chemical Industry

Project boiler medium:HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

Capacity:3 million kcal


Chemical Industry 3 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater

Chemical Industry 3 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater


Fuzhou Yuechun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in organic amine intermediates and special additives, has recently undertaken an expansion project aimed at producing 6,000 tons of related products annually. To meet the demand for stable and efficient thermal energy during the production process, Yuechun Technology has chosen to integrate ZOZEN Boiler’s advanced YY(Q)W series 3 million kcal gas thermal oil heater. This strategic decision aims to enhance energy utilization efficiency and further strengthen Yuechun Technology’s competitive edge in the new materials field.

In Yuechun Technology’s production project of organic amine intermediates and special additives, precise temperature control plays a vital role in ensuring the highest product quality standards. The YY(Q)W series gas-fired thermal oil heater, renowned for its exceptional thermal efficiency and stable heat output, serves as a reliable heat source throughout the production process. By guaranteeing uninterrupted production and consistently superior product standards, this advanced boiler system enables Yuechun Technology to meet its production targets effectively. Furthermore, the YY(Q)W series incorporates advanced combustion technology and an automatic control system, not only improving energy efficiency but also ensuring low-emission operations in compliance with current environmental protection policies. This aspect aligns perfectly with Yuechun Technology’s sustainable development strategy, providing solid support for their long-term growth.

The introduction of the YY(Q)W series 3 million kcal gas thermal oil heater by ZOZEN Boiler showcases the company’s expertise and technical innovation capabilities in the high-end manufacturing sector. Collaborating closely with Yuechun Technology from the project’s inception, the ZOZEN Boiler team thoroughly grasped the project requirements and on-site conditions, enabling them to customize an energy solution tailored to Yuechun Technology’s specific needs. From meticulous boiler design and production to seamless installation and commissioning, ZOZEN Boiler adhered to high standards and stringent requirements, ensuring the smooth delivery and outstanding performance of the boiler system. This level of professionalism has earned ZOZEN Boiler full recognition and trust from Yuechun Technology.

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