10 Tph Condensing Gas Steam Boilers in Brewing Industry

March 26, 2024

Available industries: Wine Industry

Project boiler medium: Steam

Capacity: 10 tph

Equipment: NWNS10-1.25-Q

10 Tph Condensing Gas Steam Boilers in Brewing Industry

10 Tph Condensing Gas Steam Boilers in Brewing Industry


Hubei Yaozhihe Chuwengquan Liquor Industry Co., Ltd., has a rich brewing history of over 50 years since its establishment in 1957. Over the years, the company has expanded and upgraded its facilities to increase its annual base liquor production capacity to an impressive 3000 tons.

Maintaining a stable supply of steam is of utmost importance in the brewing process to ensure consistent heating. Any fluctuations in the steam supply can impact the taste and quality of the liquor. To address this critical requirement, Chuwengquan Liquor turned to ZOZEN Boiler for a reliable solution, and they were provided with two sets of 10T gas steam boilers.

ZOZEN NWNS series 10 tph gas steam boiler is a highly acclaimed product that has been extensively researched and successfully applied in various industries, particularly in brewing, chemical, and food processing sectors. This boiler incorporates advanced pressure control technology, which guarantees a steady steam output, meeting the precise temperature and pressure requirements throughout the brewing process. Additionally, the boiler’s efficient heat exchange design not only ensures the quality of the brewing process but also delivers substantial energy savings, thereby reducing production costs for the company. If you need more information about the product, please don’t hesitate to inquire ZOZEN Boiler.

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