4 TPH Biomass Steam Boiler in Pharmaceutical Factory

May 6, 2022
Available industries: Pharmaceutical Factory
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:4 tph

4000kg biomass pellet steam boiler

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As we all know, pharmaceutical plants have higher requirements for steam systems compared to other industries, so a set of efficient steam boilers can be an important help for pharmaceutical production lines. The manager of the pharmaceutical plant contacted ZOZEN’s engineers via the Internet and expressed the need to purchase a biomass steam boiler to meet the needs of the production line and to autoclave raw materials, instruments and equipment. According to the actual steam consumption of the pharmaceutical plant production line, ZOZEN customized the DZL series water fire tube boiler to produce 4 tons steam per hour, with biomass pellets as fuel.

The DZL series biomass-fired steam boilers produced by ZOZEN can burn many types of fuels, such as biomass pellets, straw, wood blocks, palm shells, rice husks, corn cobs, waste wood and so on. Users can choose the appropriate fuel according to their production needs, and ZOZEN Boiler will also design with different grates according to the characteristics of different fuels. This series of boilers are optimized by designers, with reasonable arrangement of furnace arch, furnace wall and furnace heating surface, and adopt ZOZEN’s self-developed high-efficiency heat transfer element threaded flue tube to enhance the heat transfer effect, and the thermal efficiency can reach 88%.

This 4-ton quick-fit boiler adopts membrane water-cooled wall structure, the advantages of which are large heat transfer coefficient, good heat transfer effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, no deformation of furnace wall and no ash leakage. The models of 4 tons biomass boiler suitable for pharmaceutical factory are DZL4-1.25-M, DZL4-1.57-M, DZL4-2.5-M, with rated steam temperature of 194℃, 204℃, 225℃ and fuel consumption of 784kg/h for 4 tons biomass boiler at the state of best thermal efficiency.

At present this biomass boiler has been put into use in the pharmaceutical plant project site, the customer said that this biomass boiler is compact and very easy to install on site, at the same time ZOZEN boiler also provides comprehensive installation and commissioning guidance, comprehensive and meticulous service, is a very recommended boiler brand. ZOZEN boiler factory is fully qualified to produce various types of steam boilers and hot water boilers, and has rich service experience in domestic and international industries, so you can rest assured to choose ZOZEN products.

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