Gas/oil-Fired Hot Water Boilers in Uzbekistan Heat Supply Project

March 11, 2024

Available industries:Heating Industry

Project boiler medium:Hot water

Capacity:30 MW& 50 MW


Gas and Oil Hot Water Boilers in Uzbekistan

Gas and Oil Hot Water Boilers in Uzbekistan


China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. successfully secured a significant heating project in Uzbekistan, driven by the country’s rapid urbanization and economic expansion. To ensure the efficient operation and successful implementation of the heating system, China IPPR partnered with ZOZEN Boiler, renowned for its expertise and technical excellence in the heating industry. ZOZEN Boiler proposed the utilization of advanced heating boilers, namely two SZS30-1.6-120/70-YQ and one SZS50-1.6-120/70-YQ oil and gas-fired hot water boilers, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the project.

Technical Advantages of ZOZEN Boiler’s Solution:

  1. Insulation with Aluminum Silicate Fiber and Refractory Clay:

ZOZEN hot water boilers bodies were insulated using aluminum silicate fiber and refractory clay, which offer exceptional thermal insulation properties and remain stable even at high operating temperatures. This insulation minimizes heat loss, ensuring the safety and reliability of the boilers.

  1. Full-Membrane Wall Design:

ZOZEN gas and oil hot water boilers feature a full-membrane wall design that facilitates an even distribution of heat, reducing the risk of localized overheating. This design also enhances insulation, leading to improved heat conversion efficiency.

  1. Combustion Chamber with Narrow-Spaced Tubular Membrane Water-Cooled Walls:

The combustion chamber of the boilers incorporates narrow-spaced tubular membrane water-cooled walls. This design enhances the air-tightness of the boilers and enables complete combustion of the fuel within the chamber. The narrow-spacing of the tubular walls minimizes heat loss and promotes uniform heat distribution, ensuring stable and efficient heating performance.

Benefits and Significance:

The cutting-edge features of ZOZEN gas and oil hot water boilers provide numerous benefits for the Uzbekistan heating project. Not only do they meet the specific requirements of the project, but they also showcase ZOZEN Boiler‘s expertise and technical capabilities.

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