ZOZEN 25-ton Biomass-fired Steam Boiler for Building Material Company

April 3, 2024

Available industries:Chemical Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:25 TPH


ZOZEN 25-ton Biomass-fired Steam Boiler for Building Material Company

ZOZEN 25-ton Biomass Horizontal Boiler for Building Material Company


Hubei Zhuogao New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a specialized company in producing prefabricated residential ALC panel walls, has invested a total of 320 million yuan in a project spanning an area of 149.31 acres. The project is being carried out in two phases, with the aim of achieving an annual production capacity of 500,000 cubic meters of prefabricated residential ALC panel walls. This is expected to generate an annual output value of 350 million yuan and contribute 30 million yuan in tax revenue.

Hubei Zhuogao had a specific requirement for a high-efficiency and environmentally friendly steam boiler for their ALC panel production line. Since the production process requires a substantial amount of steam, the boilers needed to have high capacity, excellent thermal efficiency, and consistent operational performance.

In response to Hubei Zhuogao’s needs, ZOZEN Boiler provided them with the DZL series 25-ton biomass-fired steam boiler, which offered the following key features:

  1. Enhanced furnace design: The increased height of 1-3 meters facilitated the combustion of non-formed biomass fuel.
  2. Customized grate: The grate was designed to accommodate various types of biomass fuel and cater to their specific combustion requirements.
  3. High thermal efficiency: The boiler achieved an efficiency rating of over 87.5%, resulting in significant energy savings.
  4. Flexible soot blowing system: The system could be adjusted according to different fuels, allowing for ash cleaning without interrupting boiler operations.

The implementation of the ZOZEN Boiler’s DZL series 25-ton biomass steam boiler greatly improved the efficiency and reliability of steam supply for Hubei Zhuogao’s ALC panel production line. The enhanced energy utilization and cost savings resulted in reduced operational expenses. Additionally, the improved furnace design and customized grate ensured effective combustion of diverse biomass fuels, leading to reduced waste and emissions. This solution aligns with Hubei Zhuogao’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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