Chemical Industry 35 Tph Gas Fired Steam Boilers

May 21, 2024

Available industries:Chemical Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:35 tph


Chemical Industry 35 Tph Gas Fired Steam Boilers

Chemical Industry 35 Tph Gas Fired Steam Boilers


Shandong Huarui Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the energy and investment sectors, recently procured two 35 Tph SZS series gas-fired steam boilers to enhance energy efficiency and environmental protection. For this project, ZOZEN Boiler, renowned for its expertise and technical prowess in energy equipment manufacturing, proved to be the ideal partner.

The SZS series 35 tph gas fired steam boilers stand out for their innovative design and efficient energy utilization. These boilers incorporate the following notable features:

  1. Optimized Structure: The boilers feature membrane water cooling walls surrounding the furnace, ensuring effective isolation between the furnace and convection tube bundles. This design enhances heat transfer efficiency.
  2. High-Efficiency Operation: With a system thermal efficiency exceeding 98% and a large furnace design equipped with an economizer, these 35 tph gas fired steam boilers effectively reduce exhaust gas temperature and improve overall energy efficiency.
  3. Intelligent Control: The boilers employ IoT technology, remote control, and an expert management system for fully automatic safe operation and unattended control.
  4. Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving: To meet modern environmental protection standards, two sets of 35 tph gas fired steam boilers are equipped with low-NOx burners and advanced combustion technology, effectively limiting NOx emissions to ≤30mg/Nm³.

Through the collaboration with ZOZEN Boiler, Shandong Huarui Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. aims to achieve improved energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The advanced features and cutting-edge technology of the SZS series gas-fired steam boilers make them a reliable choice for the company’s energy needs.

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