Building Material Industry 15 TPH Tri-Drum Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

June 13, 2024

Available industries:Building Material Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:15 tph


Building Material Industry 15 TPH Tri-Drum Biomass Fired Steam Boiler  

Building Material Industry 15 TPH Tri-Drum Biomass Fired Steam Boiler


Anhui Dream Building Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. is embarking on an innovative project focused on prefabricated building ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete) boards. Located in the He County Economic Development Zone High-tech Industrial Park in Anhui, this project aims to achieve an annual production capacity of 1 million cubic meters. Recognizing the importance of an efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution for their ALC board production process, the company has chosen to incorporate a biomass boiler as their primary energy equipment.

In response to the specific requirements of the project, ZOZEN Boiler has provided a customized solution in the form of a 15 tph tri-drum biomass fired steam boiler. This boiler design offers flexibility, allowing for the configuration of either a chain grate or reciprocating grate, depending on the customer’s needs. This adaptability enables the boiler to effectively accommodate various types of biomass fuel, catering to the unique combustion requirements of each fuel type. By offering this flexibility, the boiler enhances its applicability and versatility, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

To further enhance the reliability and durability of 15 tph tri-drum biomass fired steam boiler, ZOZEN Boiler has incorporated high-temperature resistant grate pieces. These specially designed components significantly improve the grate’s ability to withstand high temperatures and resist wear and tear. As a result, the boiler can operate stably over the long term, minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs.

By choosing ZOZEN Boiler‘s biomass steam boiler, Anhui Dream Building Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. is embracing sustainable energy solutions while meeting their production needs. This strategic decision not only supports the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also ensures efficient and reliable operations for their prefabricated building ALC board project.

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