Steam Boiler for Carton Production Line

March 3, 2022
Available industries: Carton Production Line
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:6 ton

steam boiler 6 tons

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A large amount of steam is needed in the production process of cardboard boxes. Before the raw paper is made into cardboard, it is heated to control the moisture of the cardboard, and after the glue is applied, the high temperature steam can quickly dry the glue and make the cardboard stick more firmly. Usually, the steam comes out of the boiler and is received into the heating equipment of the cardboard box production line. The customer’s carton factory is not large, so 6-8 tons steam boiler can meet the steam demand of the whole production line.

ZOZEN’s technical team recommends customers to use WNS series gas steam boiler with 6 tons per hour capacity according to their actual steam consumption and boiler room setup more. This oil and gas boiler is an electromechanical structure with generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation and less infrastructure investment, which not only follows the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, but also meets the heat energy required for the project; in production use, this type of boiler truly achieves clean combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and sufficient power output.

WNS6-1.6-Q condensing gas steam boiler has high combustion efficiency and has been running well since it was installed and put into operation in the carton factory. The customer said that this 6-ton gas boiler generates high temperature steam by converting energy, and then delivers the steam to each production plant, which provides guarantee for drying cardboard and glue, and is efficient and environmentally friendly to use. The technical engineer of ZOZEN boiler also often gives professional technical guidance to the stoker in the process of use.

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