Heating Industry 20-Ton Biomass Steam Boiler

April 10, 2024

Available industries:Heating Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:20 TPH


Heating Industry 20-Ton Biomass Steam Boiler

Heating Industry 20-Ton Biomass Steam Boiler


Shenjiang Energy Co., Ltd. is a company based in the Dongtai Coastal Economic Zone that specializes in the production and supply of thermal energy. To meet their growing energy needs and pursue more sustainable and efficient energy solutions, the company decided to adopt biomass boilers. After conducting thorough comparisons and evaluations, they selected ZOZEN Boiler’s third-generation DZL series biomass water tube boiler for its advanced technology and reliable performance.

The DZL series 20-ton biomass-fired steam boiler features a three-drum water tube design. The front of the boiler body is surrounded by water-cooled walls, which are connected to the upper drum and lower header, forming the combustion chamber. This arrangement allows for efficient absorption of radiant heat from the furnace, thereby enhancing the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

In order to accommodate the combustion of irregularly shaped biomass fuels, the furnace height of this boiler has been extended by 1-3 meters compared to traditional designs. This modification ensures complete combustion of non-uniform biomass fuels and further increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

Since its deployment, 20-ton biomass steam boiler has demonstrated excellent performance at Shenjiang Energy’s project site. Preliminary data indicates significant improvements in thermal efficiency compared to previously used conventional boilers, while maintaining high operational stability.

From an environmental standpoint, the use of ZOZEN Boiler’s biomass boilers also contributes to reduced carbon emissions and environmental pollution, aligning with current standards for environmental protection and sustainable development.

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