Kyrgyzstan 5-ton Gas Steam Boilers for a Textile Factory

March 12, 2024

Available industries: Textile Industry

Project boiler medium: Steam

Capacity: 5 TPH

Equipment: WNS5-1.25-Q

Kyrgyzstan 5-ton Gas Steam Boilers for a Textile Factory

Kyrgyzstan 5-ton Gas Steam Boilers for a Textile Factory


By implementing a tailored solution, ZOZEN Boiler helped a textile factory in Kyrgyzstan overcome capacity issues and improve operational efficiency.

The textile factory in Kyrgyzstan had the following requirements:

  1. Increased Capacity: The existing boilers were unable to meet the factory’s production demands, leading to inefficiencies.
  2. Exhaust Temperature Control: The client needed the boiler’s exhaust temperature to be maintained at 60°
  3. Flexible Operation: To reduce costs during off-peak periods, the factory sought a solution that could operate efficiently with variable production demands.

To address the client’s needs, ZOZEN Boiler provided a comprehensive solution:

ZOZEN Boiler proposed the installation of the WNS series 5-ton three-pass gas steam boilers, known for the stable and reliable performance, ensuring sufficient capacity to meet production requirements.

Temperature Control Enhancement: To achieve the desired exhaust temperature of 60°C, ZOZEN Boiler implemented modifications, including the integration of an energy-saving device and a condenser. These additions not only reduced emission temperature but also improved overall thermal efficiency, resulting in energy savings for the factory.

Flexible Operation: Understanding the factory’s fluctuating production demands, ZOZEN Boiler recommended the installation of two 5-ton gas steam boilers. This enabled the factory to operate with a single boiler during off-peak periods, optimizing energy consumption and reducing operational costs.

ZOZEN Boiler’s customized solution effectively addressed the production challenges faced by the textile factory in Kyrgyzstan. By providing adequate capacity, temperature control compliance, and flexible operation, ZOZEN Boiler enabled the factory to enhance its production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve cost savings.

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