29MW Coal-fired Hot Water Boilers for Energy Heating Industry

February 12, 2021
Available industries: Food Factory
Project boiler medium:Hot Water
Capacity:29 MW

29MW Coal-fired Hot Water boiler

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Case Introduction

Heating boiler is a kind of equipment to meet people’s living demand in winter. The heating is mainly based on hot water to achieve the scale effect of central heating, which requires the use of industrial coal-fired boiler. The heating area of 1 ton coal-fired hot water boilers are the building area of 1 ton boiler that can be heated per hour. The heat generated by 1 ton boiler is 600,000 kcal, so the standard heating area of 1 ton hot water boiler is 10,000 square meters. Because the boiler heating area is also affected by the building structure, height, thermal insulation and other factors, the above data is only for reference.

The burning equipment of 29MW environment-friendly coal-fired hot water boilers adopts the scale type chain grate, the ventilated structure of the compartment, and the regulation is sensitive. Combustion system operation is very stable, combustion effect is good, in line with the national environmental protection requirements. ZOZEN engineers will customize industrial boiler systems according to the actual needs of customers.

ZOZEN SHL series field-assembled hot water boilers are naturally circulating double-barrel coal-fired water tube boilers, which have been widely used in the district heating industry. SHL series coal-fired boilers have become important facilities in boiler rooms of heating companies. Two horizontal drums and membrane walls form shaft boiler type boilers, which are used together with convection tube bundle collection box, and have the characteristics of fast temperature rise, high thermal efficiency and small floor area. At the same time, the series of boilers using strip chain grate, improve the reliability of operation, no coal leakage. In addition, the boiler is equipped with an advanced air distribution system, which can reasonably adjust the air volume according to the nature of coal and combustion conditions. In addition, SHL series coal-fired boilers have the advantages of high degree of automation, stable operation, safety and reliability, and long service life.

Customer Feedback

We are pleased with ZOZEN’s products and services. ZOZEN SHL series coal fired boilers have high production capacity, good environmental performance, and greatly reduce operating costs. At the same time, ZOZEN’s custom service also meets our special requirements for the appearance of the boiler.

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