Advantages of Coal Fired Heating Boiler

January 25, 2020

The boiler is designed according to atmospheric pressure. The top of the furnace body is provided with an air vent. The boiler runs without pressure and the combustion operation is safe and reliable. Atmospheric hot water boilers can be installed wherever they are used, and are not restricted by the multi-level annual monitoring and inspection procedures, so they have developed rapidly.


Coal Fired Heating Boiler


Vertical coal-fired hot water boiler, the furnace uses water-cooled elbow structure, surrounded by the furnace tube, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction; the shell adopts an oval head, and the grate uses a cast iron circular grate, which is durable and long life.


The horizontal coal-fired hot water boiler is a single-tube vertical structure. The left and right sides of the furnace are equipped with water wall pipes and form a wing-shaped flue. Threaded flue pipes are arranged in the drum. The movable grate has a reasonable structure and high thermal efficiency, which greatly saves energy consumption.


hot water boiler


Vertical coal-fired normal-pressure hot water boilers, all the pipes in the heated area are straight pipes, and there are sufficient hand-cleaning devices for cleaning, which is convenient for manual mechanical cleaning of dirt and internal inspection. Horizontal coal-fired atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, the upper part is equipped with a large enough manhole; personnel can enter the furnace body from the manhole, which greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the boiler.


The boiler body is compactly arranged, covers a small area, and is convenient for transportation. It adopts fast-loading to leave the factory, short installation cycle, low installation cost, low user investment, and fast recovery benefits.


Coal-fired heating boilers are widely used in factories, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, bathing centers, baths and other enterprises and institutions to meet the bathing, domestic hot water and heating requirements of the units.

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