Advanced 15-Ton Reciprocating Grate Biomass Steam Boiler in Pakistan

June 12, 2024

Available industries:Textile Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:15 tph


 Advanced 15-Ton Reciprocating Grate Biomass Steam Boiler in Pakistan

 Advanced 15-Ton Reciprocating Grate Biomass Steam Boiler in Pakistan


ZOZEN Boiler proudly announces the successful supply and installation of a state-of-the-art 15-ton reciprocating grate three-pass biomass steam boiler for Soorty Enterprises in Pakistan. This achievement showcases ZOZEN Boiler’s technical expertise and solidifies its position as a leader in energy solutions for the textile industry.

Soorty Enterprises, established in 1983 as a foreign trade-focused company, has evolved into a globally-oriented diversified group. With a strong foothold in the textile industry, Soorty Enterprises has expanded its portfolio to include wind power generation, packaging, and industrial oils. As a vertically integrated denim company, Soorty holds a significant position in Pakistan’s denim industry, exporting its products mainly to Europe and America.

Key Project Highlights:

  1. Technological Innovation: The three-pass biomass steam boiler represents a leap in technological advancements, significantly improving energy utilization efficiency and reducing operating costs for Soorty Enterprises.
  2. Environmental Sustainability: By utilizing biomass as fuel, this boiler reduces reliance on fossil fuels, aligning with global environmental trends and contributing to pollution reduction.
  3. Streamlined Maintenance: ZOZEN Boiler’s design allows for convenient ash cleaning without the need for boiler shutdown, minimizing downtime compared to traditional two-pass boilers and optimizing production efficiency.
  4. On-site Technical Support: ZOZEN Boiler’s dedicated sales manager and experienced technical guidance team visited Soorty Enterprises in Pakistan, ensuring a seamless commissioning process for the boiler. The high praise received from the customer is a testament to ZOZEN Boiler’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Experience Unmatched Excellence:

Partner with ZOZEN Boiler to elevate your textile industry operations with the advanced 15-ton biomass steam boiler. Benefit from improved energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, and a sustainable future. Trust in our expertise and join our growing list of satisfied customers in the international market.

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