Vietnam 4-Ton Biomass Steam Boiler in the Chemical Industry

June 21, 2023
Available industries:Chemical Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:4 tph
Vietnam 4-Ton Biomass Steam Boiler in the Chemical Industry

                      ZOZEN Biomass Steam Boiler in the Chemical Industry


As the market competition intensified, TAN PHONG PLASTIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY, which is a prominent manufacturer of EPS foam plastic in Vietnam, acknowledged the need to modernize their production equipment to enhance production efficiency and product quality.

To address this concern, TAN PHONG embarked on a search for a dependable boiler supplier. They required a high-efficiency and low-pollution boiler product that would help them save on energy costs while meeting their environmental production objectives. After evaluating various boiler products available in the market, they opted for ZOZEN Boiler’s DZL series biomass boiler.

ZOZEN Boiler’s DZL series biomass boiler is a fuel-efficient boiler product that uses biomass pellets as fuel. Biomass pellets are renewable and result in relatively low carbon dioxide emissions during combustion, making it an eco-friendly fuel choice. This boiler product can effectively reduce a company’s environmental pollution and carbon emissions, thereby achieving the goal of environmental production.

TAN PHONG was invited to visit the production base of ZOZEN Boiler, where they observed that every aspect, from the raw material processing to the final product assembly and testing, is meticulously carried out with strict quality control. The level of automation and intelligence in the production line left a deep impression, particularly the cleanliness of the production site and the quality inspection reports of the products, which instilled confidence in the quality of ZOZEN Boiler’s products.

By incorporating ZOZEN Boiler’s DZL series biomass boiler, TAN PHONG successfully upgraded their production equipment, which resulted in improved production efficiency and product quality. TAN PHONG is confident that their partner, ZOZEN Boiler, will continue to provide them with high-quality and reliable boiler products to help them achieve greater success.

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