WNS 15 TPH Gas Steam Boiler for Dairy Industry

July 7, 2021
Available industries: Dairy Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:15 TPH

15 TPH gas steam boiler for Yili

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The production process of liquid dairy products mainly includes: raw milk acceptance, clean milk, refrigeration, preheating, homogenization and sterilization (or sterilization), cooling, aseptic filling (or maintaining sterilization), fermentation, and storage of finished products, etc. Among them, fermentation, sterilization, drying and other processes require steam, so industrial steam boilers are bound to be used.

In the dairy industry, WNS series condensing gas steam boilers are used more frequently. In one of ZOZEN’s successful projects, a well-known company producing liquid dairy products with an annual output of about 350,000 tons, ZOZEN Boiler recommended one 20 ton gas fired boiler(WNS20-1.25-Q)and one 15 tph gas steam boiler(WNS15-1.25-Q) to provide steam for its production.

Inner Mongolia Yili Dairy Group plans to use advanced machinery and equipment at home and abroad for all production lines, and the steam boilers purchased for the project are mainly to meet the demand for heat for production and heating in winter.

According to the project requirements, the boilers must use clean energy natural gas, and the three steam boilers recommended by ZOZEN are WNS series gas-fired steam boilers. The boilers are designed with large hearth, reasonable structure, sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, low water content of steam, and high quality steam output. At the same time, the boiler is equipped with advanced low-NOx burner, which makes the natural gas fuel burn more fully and has low emission of harmful substances. In addition, this series of boilers through the new condensing technology, effective absorption of waste heat in the flue gas, improve the boiler inlet water temperature while reducing the exhaust temperature, making the boiler thermal efficiency to more than 98%.

15 tph gas steam boiler for the dairy industry energy saving and environmental protection effect, compared with coal-fired boilers, the fuel used is cleaner and more efficient, energy saving and emission reduction effect is better, can meet the requirements of environmental protection. At the same time, the gas boiler fuel has a strong adaptability, and the WNS series and SZS series steam boilers developed by ZOZEN Boiler choose a large size of the furnace bile, which provides conditions for the full combustion of fuel. This boiler is highly automated and easy to operate, with advanced steam boiler fully automatic controller, LCD screen, human-machine interface, users only need to set easily, the boiler can start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply and other fully automatic operation according to user requirements.

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