Food Industry 45-ton Gas Superheated Steam Boiler

March 20, 2024

Available industries:Food Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:45 TPH


Food Industry 45-ton Gas Superheated Steam Boiler

Food Industry 45-ton Gas Superheated Steam Boiler


In 2021, Heilongjiang Nongken Longwang Food completed the construction of the second phase of their Soy Food Industrial Park in Beilin District, Suihua City. This project, with a total investment of 400 million yuan and covering an area of 88,000 square meters, aims to produce 60,000 tons of soy flour annually, generating an estimated annual output value of up to 1.1 billion yuan.

To meet the future production development needs of the company, Longwang Food made several equipment purchases, including gas boilers. ZOZEN Boiler has maintained a long-standing and friendly cooperation with Longwang Food. For this engineering project, they supplied the SZS series 45-ton gas superheated steam boiler. Below are the key features of the ZOZEN gas boiler in its application for this project:

  1. Heat Supply: The superheated steam provides a continuous and stable high temperature for heating, cooking, and sterilizing soybeans, ensuring a smooth production process.
  2. Efficient Drying: The steam plays a vital role in spray drying or drum drying processes, providing the necessary heat to quickly convert soy milk into powder, thereby increasing production efficiency.
  3. Equipment Cleaning and Sterilization: High-temperature steam effectively eliminates residues on processing equipment and kills potential attached microbes, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the food production process.

This collaboration ensures a smooth and efficient production process, contributing to the company’s growth and ensuring the hygiene and safety of their food products.

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