Garment Factory 10 Ton Biomass Steam Boiler

May 2, 2023
Available industries: Garment Factory
Project boiler medium: Steam
Capacity: 10 ton per hour
Equipment: SZL10-1.25-SCIII

10 ton biomass fired steam boiler in garment factory

The Planea Industrial Park has 88 production lines for suits, trousers, and men’s shirts, which require a significant amount of steam and heat energy. Therefore, industrial steam boilers are necessary industrial equipment on the garment production line. The person in charge of the garment factory chose ZOZEN as the supplier of industrial steam boilers for the garment factory through multi-faceted inspections.

ZOZEN Boiler designed and provided two industrial steam boiler system for garment factory, one for use and one for standby. Users can choose to run one or both boilers depending on the heat consumption, achieving a more efficient and economical operation state. The ZOZEN 10 ton biomass fired steam boiler has superior thermal efficiency compared to similar biomass boilers in the market, and its emissions meet the environmental protection policies of Shandong.

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