2 Ton Oil Steam Boiler in Eswatini

April 23, 2024

Available industries:Textile Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam

Capacity:2 TPH


2 Ton Oil Steam Boiler in Eswatini

2 Ton Oil Steam Boiler in Eswatini


A garment factory in Eswatini, Africa, replaced its old coal furnace with an environmentally friendly oil furnace system to comply with stricter emission standards. The client required a stable steam supply in a high-altitude environment and needed a customized solution to meet their production demands.

ZOZEN Boiler provided a tailored solution by designing a 3-ton body WNS series oil steam boiler that could consistently deliver 2 tons of steam. The 2 ton oil steam boiler, fueled by diesel and kerosene, not only aligned with the local energy supply but also effectively reduced emissions, meeting environmental standards.

ZOZEN Boiler’s team of engineers traveled to Eswatini to oversee the installation and commissioning of the boiler. Despite the challenges posed by the high-altitude environment, they ensured the efficient operation and long-term stability of the boiler system.

The upgrade to the new boiler significantly improved the garment factory’s energy efficiency and reduced environmental pollution. The cleaner and more efficient production process contributes to the sustainable development of the local industry. ZOZEN Boiler remains committed to providing customized, efficient, and eco-friendly boiler solutions, supporting industries in their pursuit of sustainable and innovative energy practices.

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