25tph SZL Coal Steam Boiler in Vietnam Textile Mill

February 16, 2021
Available industries: Textile Mill
Project boiler medium:Steam

25tph SZL Coal Steam Boiler

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Case Introduction

Industrial boiler is an important thermal equipment in textile industry. SZL coal steam boiler is very important for textile mill production line; it directly affects the quality and output of products. With its performance advantages and comprehensive and timely service, ZOZEN supplies the manufacture, installation and commissioning of SZL series chain grate steam boilers for Vietnam textile mills.

Chain grate boiler is a very mature furnace type, operation management is simple, easy to master. Chain grate boiler belongs to layer fired boiler, coal through the coal hopper into the grate, with grate movement, complete combustion at the same time. Especially widely used in various industrial industries, we have a lot of successful cases in the food industry, feed industry, and chemical industry.

25TPH SZL coal steam boiler uses desulfurizer, denitration and on-line monitoring device to achieve standard flue gas emission. In addition, this series of boiler is horizontal double drum chain grate boiler, boiler body by water wall, front arch, back arch and furnace base composition, large furnace not only reduce the heat load, but also reduce the furnace coke. At the same time, the lower part of the boiler grate is equipped with a pluralindependent air chamber and air conditioning device, which can provide enough air for fuel combustion. Moreover, fuel efficiency is improved by precise air distribution. In addition, SZL series steam boilers have excellent safety performance. The boiler adopts pressure, high and low water level and other protective interlocking devices to ensure safe and stable operation.

Customer Feedback

ZOZEN SZL series boilers have been in stable operation for many years, providing a reliable steam source for our textile production. We are very pleased with the quality and service of our boilers.

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