35 ton gas superheated steam boiler system for tire industry

May 29, 2023

Available industries: Tire Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:35 ton

35 ton gas steam boiler for tire industry

                  ZOZEN 35 ton gas-fired superheated steam boiler


In the tire manufacturing industry, superheated steam boilers are widely used in various processes, including tire hot pressing, cleaning and drying, and heating/air conditioning in the plant. Superheated steam boilers are essential equipment as they provide the required high-temperature steam for the manufacturing process, ensuring the quality and performance of the tires. Besides, superheated steam boilers can also support plant comfort, enabling employees to work in a comfortable environment, thus improving work efficiency and production quality.

To meet their production demands, Chongqing Double Coin Group has ordered a 35 ton SZS series gas superheated steam boiler system from ZOZEN Boiler. This boiler system uses gas as fuel and has high-efficiency energy-saving and low-emission characteristics. Compared to traditional boiler systems, this system can more effectively utilize energy and resources, reducing energy and resource waste. Additionally, the boiler system utilizes advanced control technology, enabling automated operations and intelligent management, further enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

The high-efficiency energy-saving and low-emission characteristics of the 35 ton gas superheated steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler means that the tire company can reduce energy and resource consumption while also lowering its environmental impact, achieving sustainable production and development. This boiler system not only helps the company improve production efficiency and product quality but also reduces energy consumption and environmental pollution, meeting the current societal requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.

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