Industrial Steam Boiler Typical Cost

June 18, 2020

With the continuous development of our economy, industrial boilers play an increasingly important role in our economy. Whether it is a factory or a farm, such as a chicken farm or a pig farm, boiler equipment is used to heat animals in winter. In industrial production, steam is used as a heat source in the chemical, food, building materials, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing and other industries, which also requires the use of steam boilers. Steam can also be used in many occasions.

First, the operating costs of gas-fired steam boilers include: fuel costs, water costs, electricity costs, labor costs, and maintenance costs. Among the operating costs of gas-fired steam boilers, the largest expenditure item is fuel cost, and what affects gas consumption is the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Therefore, to save investment costs later, when purchasing a boiler, you must choose a gas boiler with high thermal efficiency.

Gas consumption of gas boiler, thermal efficiency of gas steam boiler is 95%, natural gas calorific value is 8500 kcal. 1 ton gas boiler gas consumption = boiler calorific value / (heat value of natural gas * boiler thermal efficiency) = 600,000 kcal / (8500 kcal * 0.95) = 74m³/h

Steam boiler type

Fuel name Thermal efficiency (%) Burnout rate (%) Consumption/ton of steam

Gas boiler

natural gas 91 99 75Nm3

Diesel boiler

Diesel 85 99


Heavy oil boiler Heavy oil 84 98


Coal-fired boiler coal 67 70


The advantages and disadvantages of various fuels:
Gas: The advantages are clean energy, high thermal efficiency, and low cost. The disadvantage is limited by the gas connection conditions.
Fuel: The advantage is no pollution, high efficiency, no fuel restrictions. The disadvantage is higher operating costs.
Electric heating: The advantage is no pollution, no fuel restrictions. The disadvantage is that it is secondary energy and the operating cost is extremely high.
Coal burning: The advantage is low operating costs. The disadvantage is that the pollution is serious, and the use is restricted in most areas.

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