Steam Boiler 5 Ton Capacity Cost

June 12, 2020

There are many fuels for a 5 ton steam boiler, including diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, dimethyl ether, and coal-fired boilers. The 5 ton gas boiler belongs to the category of small boilers, and its application in various industries is more and more extensive.

1. Basic parameters of 5 ton steam boiler

There are two common 5-ton steam boilers: WNS steam boiler and SZS steam boiler. The following table is a comparison chart of the two parameters:

Basic parameters of gas steam boiler
Boiler type
WNS gas steam boiler
SZS gas steam boiler
Boiler model
Rated evaporation capacity
5 t/h
5 t/h
Rated steam pressure
1.25 Mpa
1.25 Mpa
Rated steam temperature
193 ℃
220 ℃
Feed water temperature
20 ℃
20 ℃
Design Fuel Natural Gas
Gas, Coal Gas, LPG
Natural Gas
Industrial steam, power generation
Industrial steam, power generation


2. Gas consumption of 5 tons gas boiler

The hourly gas consumption of a 5 ton gas boiler is 361.8m3, how to calculate it? The calculation formula of gas consumption of gas boiler is: gas consumption = boiler thermal power × 3600s÷ natural gas calorific value÷ boiler thermal efficiency. The thermal power of a 5-ton gas boiler is 3.5MW, and the thermal power when using natural gas as fuel is 92%. The maximum heating value of natural gas is 39.82MJ/M3 and the low heating value is 35.88MJ/M3. The average value is 37.85MJ/M3, so 5 tons of gas The gas consumption per hour of the boiler = 3.5×3600÷37.85÷92%=361.8m3.

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