4 Tons Gas Steam Boiler for Building Materials Factory

October 7, 2021
Available industries: Building Materials Factory
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:4 tons

4 ton gas steam boiler

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In the production process of calcium silicate board, it is necessary to make slurry, high pressure molding, high temperature and high pressure steaming with the help of steam boiler. In view of the user’s production demand and local environmental protection policy, our company chose a PLC touch screen controlled gas steam boiler for the user, the design pressure is 1.6 MPa and the maximum steam temperature can reach 204 degrees, and the project has been officially operated with good operation.

WNS series gas steam boilers are energy efficient, green and have high thermal efficiency. The condenser configured at the end of the boiler easily increases the thermal efficiency to over 98%, which is measured to be higher than the industry average and saves the boiler operation cost for the enterprise.

The advanced condensing technology effectively reduces the amount of fuel used and reduces the overall emission of harmful substances in the flue gas. With the imported ultra-low nitrogen burner, the NOx emission is effectively controlled to be lower than 30mg/Nm³, which meets the local emission standards and helps enterprises to achieve green production.

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