Indonesia Paper Mill 25 TPH Coal Fired Steam Boilers

June 18, 2024

Available industries:Paper Industry

Project boiler medium:Steam



Indonesia Paper Mill 25 TPH Coal Fired Steam Boilers

Indonesia Paper Mill 25 TPH Coal Fired Steam Boilers


ZOZEN Boiler Company recently supplied a paper mill in Indonesia with two 25 tph coal fired steam boilers. These boilers have been specifically designed to optimize steam quality, providing high dryness steam that minimizes heat transfer losses during the production process.

In the paper-making industry, steam plays a crucial role in heating and drying pulp, effectively removing moisture and ensuring the desired paper quality and production efficiency. The provision of high-quality steam is essential for achieving better heat transfer efficiency, directly improving the overall energy utilization rate during production.

The boilers are equipped with a chain grate structure, which facilitates uniform fuel distribution and continuous combustion. The continuous moving chain ensures that the fuel is evenly fed into the furnace, enabling uniform combustion and a stable release of thermal energy. This enhances the efficiency of heat exchange, maximizing the utilization of available energy resources.

By supplying high-quality steam with reduced heat transfer losses, ZOZEN Boiler‘s coal-fired steam boilers contribute to improved productivity and energy efficiency in the paper mill in Indonesia. The chain grate structure ensures efficient fuel combustion and optimal heat exchange, allowing for the seamless operation of the boilers and enhancing overall performance.


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