3 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Boiler in Chemical Plant

July 12, 2022
Available industries: Chemical Plant
Project boiler medium:Hot oil
Capacity:3 million kcal

gas fired thermal oil heater

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The chemical plant customer needed to build a new production line with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons of organic amine intermediates and special additives, in which the industrial boiler is important heating equipment in the whole production line. The chemical industry has very high requirements for production safety, so ZOZEN’s sales engineers analyzed the customer’s actual production heat requirements and customized a 3 million kcal gas thermal oil boiler system solution for the customer.

The YQW series gas-fired thermal oil boiler produced by ZOZEN has a large medium capacity and can achieve high temperature heating in a low-pressure environment with good safety, which solves the safety problem of chemical plant projects. In addition, this 3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil boiler has advanced automatic control system with precise temperature control, and the heating temperature can be controlled at ±1℃, which fully meets the high requirements of fine chemical industry.

While ensuring the safe operation of thermal oil boiler, ZOZEN boilers continue to improve the thermal efficiency of boilers, according to the production line of different types of chemical enterprises, customized gas thermal oil boiler system solutions for customers, thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than similar products on the market, effectively helping chemical enterprises to reduce boiler operation and maintenance costs and improve economic efficiency.

Safety is a key concern in industrial production. ZOZEN has developed thermal oil boiler with over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm and over-pressure alarm to ensure stable boiler operation and excellent safety performance, which are reliable heat source equipment for the chemical industry and ensure that thermal oil boiler is more safe and reliable when operating at high temperatures.

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