4 Ton Per Hour Capacity 12.5 Bar Textile Sizing Mill Biomass Pellet Boiler

May 24, 2022
Available industries: Textile Sizing Mill
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:4 tph

4 TPH biomass fired steam boiler

Inquiry Email: zhulin@zozen.com

Textile sizing mills need high efficiency steam boilers to provide high quality steam for processing processes in sizing and processing, fabric weaving and garment production. ZOZEN boilers have rich service experience and high quality reputation in the textile industry. Satisfied with ZOZEN’s production strength and service, the sizing plant customers left their specific needs and contact information for steam boilers on the website.

After receiving the customer’s demand, ZOZEN’s sales engineer contacted the customer and analyzed the actual steam consumption requirement of the sizing plant, and customized a 4 ton per hour 12.5 bar biomass steam boiler system solution for the sizing plant. The boiler model is DZL series biomass boiler, which is a quick-fit water fire tube boiler, using waste as fuel, and the ashes after combustion can also be used as fertilizer, which is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product favored by the industry production.

ZOZEN’s DZL series biomass steam boilers have a wide range of fuel adaptability, with biomass pellets, rice husks, wood chips, corn cobs, etc. being used as fuel. In designing the boiler system, ZOZEN’s design team will select and match the suitable grate according to the characteristics of different fuels to ensure the stable operation of the DZL series steam boilers. At the same time, the boiler system reasonably arranges the furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace heating surface, and adopts threaded flue tube high-efficiency heat transfer element, designed with advanced burners to ensure full combustion of fuel and enhance the heat transfer effect to ensure the boiler thermal efficiency up to 88% or more.

This 4 ton biomass boiler was delivered on time to the boiler room of the pulp mill for installation after the manufacturing was completed. This ZOZEN biomass boiler has a compact structure and is easy and fast to install on site, which effectively saves the customer’s infrastructure costs. After the biomass boiler was put into operation for a period of time, the customer said that the boiler adopts advanced control system, which can automatically control the fuel supply, ash and slag discharge, and the operation is simple and easy to get started.

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