ZOZEN Industrial Steam Boiler in Juice Production

September 21, 2022

ZOZEN is a well-known manufacturer of industrial steam boilers, providing stable, high quality steam as a heat source for the production of food companies. In the production process of our customers’ juice concentrates, steam boilers play an important role in the processes of steaming and heating, sterilization and disinfection, which effectively guarantee the quality of juice concentrates. ZOZEN boilers can produce 1 ton to 100 ton capacity steam boilers, with the advantages of sufficient output and stable performance, and has become a long-term partner of well-known juice processing enterprises at home and abroad.

1000kg fire tube steam boiler

1000kg fire tube steam boiler

The production process of fruit juice concentrate cannot be done without high temperature steam. The stability and quality of steam plays a very important role in the purity and yield of fruit juice concentrate. According to the production characteristics of juice processing enterprises, ZOZEN’s engineers have developed water tube gas steam boilers and fire tube gas steam boilers. Fire tube boilers are compact in size and have a small footprint, which is suitable for processing companies with small steam consumption; water tube boilers have a large range of capacity and are suitable for large juice plants. However, the specific steam capacity still needs to be decided according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and ZOZEN’s engineers can customize the steam boiler system for the enterprise.

In addition, ZOZEN boilers are able to design heating solutions with greater energy efficiency according to different working conditions. In order to reduce heat loss, ZOZEN has designed and manufactured a variety of energy-saving auxiliary equipment to ensure higher thermal efficiency. At the same time, the advanced intelligent control system also ensures the stability of heat supply to meet the heat demand in the continuous production of juice. The oil gas fired steam boiler also adopts flue gas recirculation low-NOx combustion technology to control NOx emissions while ensuring output.

18 tons gas fired water tube boiler

18 tons gas fired water tube boiler

Boiler exhaust temperature is one of the important factors affecting the energy saving effect. High boiler exhaust temperature means that not all the heat released from fuel combustion is supplied to the water in the boiler, resulting in a relatively large heat loss. ZOZEN gas boiler can reduce the exhaust smoke temperature to 60℃ by energy-saving devices, and the thermal efficiency is up to 98% or more.

Since its establishment in 1988, ZOZEN has exported steam boilers to more than 100 countries and regions, including Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Bolivia, Ecuador, Iraq, Mongolia, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, etc. Users are very satisfied with ZOZEN’s boiler products and comprehensive services, in the pre-sales process through live viewing of the plant and other in the pre-sales process, the customers can see the strength of ZOZEN boiler plant through live broadcast. If you are interested in our services and products, you can further communicate with us through online inquiry, email, WhatsApp.

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