ZOZEN Industrial Gas Steam Boiler Used in Glass Manufacturing

November 10, 2022

How long is the service life of a natural gas boiler? At the end of July 2020, ZOZEN’s after-sales service department received a response from a customer that the boiler burner had stopped working. ZOZEN after-sales staff briefly understood the boiler operation by phone and traced the project’s file, and found that the two WNS gas-fired steam boilers used in the project were produced in 2002 and 2005. Then ZOZEN’s after-sales staff immediately went to the boiler room of the enterprise to check the system of this boiler project, which had been running for eighteen years.

2000kg natural gas fired steam boiler

2000kg natural gas fired steam boiler

After communication with the person in charge of the boiler room, as well as the inspection of the two boiler systems, the boilers are in good operating condition. One of the burners stopped alarming because the control cabinet had been used for a long time and the electronic components had been disturbed by aging, which has now been restored to use after professional treatment by the after-sales staff. Although the ZOZEN boiler electronic control system has been updated through several generations, adding intelligent programs such as remote monitoring and automatic control, the initial control system still has basic operating functions and can continue to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

This glass products company is a foreign-funded enterprise specializing in the production of heat-resistant glass products such as microwave glass turntables and utensils. In 2002, the customer purchased a 2 ton gas fired steam boiler made by ZOZEN to meet the steam demand of the production line as well as the heating demand of the building. During its use, the ZOZEN gas boiler has been stable, safe and reliable, and has won the unanimous approval of the customer.

ZOZEN WNS series oil gas fire tube boiler

ZOZEN WNS series oil gas fire tube boiler

In 2005, the glass products company joined the Saint-Gobain Group, one of the top 100 companies in the world, and the production scale of the company expanded, with the output increasing from the original 18 tons per day to 100 tons per day, which greatly increased the demand for steam, and the person in charge of this company chose ZOZEN as the industrial gas steam boiler supplier to cooperate with for the new project. Eighteen years have passed since the first boiler was officially put into operation, and the ZOZEN gas boilers, which have accumulated 65,700 hours of operation, are still running steadily in the production line of the glass products company, providing stable heat for the production of glass products.

Customers who have chosen ZOZEN boiler products will know that ZOZEN is a reliable boiler supplier that provides a full set of boiler system solutions tailored to the actual needs of different customers, including the whole process of service from boiler design, production, transportation, installation, operation, maintenance, until delivery, and after-sales service such as return visits and maintenance throughout the entire corporate life cycle, effectively enhancing the added value of the product, and also ZOZEN has won the recognition of many customers worldwide. ZOZEN’s customer service is always online, and ZOZEN engineers will provide one-on-one consulting services whenever we receive a boiler request from a customer.

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