ZOZEN 4000KG Capacity Gas Fired Steam Boiler

April 26, 2023

The 4000kg gas fired steam boiler is a reliable and durable horizontal three-return structure boiler that offers a long service life, low failure rate, and high thermal efficiency. It is an ideal alternative to coal-fired steam boilers and is widely used in various industries such as garment manufacturing, food processing, building materials production, herbal production, and brewing.

ZOZEN WNS series 4 ton gas fired boiler

ZOZEN WNS series 4 ton gas fired boiler

The WNS series gas steam boiler is made up of three main parts: the main boiler, chimney, and piping system. The main boiler and chimney are manufactured in the factory, while the piping, valves, and instruments that support the main boiler are randomly installed, allowing for on-site assembly. This greatly shortens the installation period and ensures the quality of the product.

ZOZEN’s gas fire tube steam boiler has a reasonable and compact structure, low steel consumption, and an offset waveform furnace bile. It also features a new type of light insulation and thermal insulation material for the insulation layer and colorful sheet for the outer packaging. This makes the boiler performance, weight, structure size, appearance, and shape comparable to domestic products but with obvious advancements and a beautiful design.

The gas consumption of the 4000kg capacity gas boiler is 288 square meters per hour. ZOZEN produces gas boilers with high thermal efficiency, which effectively saves fuel costs. Additionally, an energy saver is equipped at the end of the boiler, which can effectively collect the heat postponed to improve the feed water temperature and help users save costs.

The 4000kg/hr gas-fired boiler is widely used in the building materials industry for the production of autoclaved fly ash bricks and autoclaved gray sand bricks. ZOZEN has customized the WNS series 4 ton gas-fired steam boiler system for this industry to fully satisfy the high requirements for heat source stability in the production process.

industrial gas fire tube steam boiler

industrial gas fire tube steam boiler

ZOZEN is a professional industrial gas boiler manufacturer with strong strength, complete qualifications, and the ability to research and develop and produce gas steam boilers with various specifications and models. Their products offer excellent performance at affordable prices, making them a trustworthy choice. Customers with needs are welcome to consult with ZOZEN.

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