Wood Pellet Moving Grate Boiler in Africa

August 31, 2022

Wood biomass boilers are fueled by wood, but of course various crops such as rice husk, straw, palm husk and corn cob can also be used as fuel, the specific fuel choice is determined by the actual needs of the manufacturer’s production. ZOZEN is experienced in the development of biomass boilers, including two types of DZL series and SZL series. Steam boilers with a capacity of less than 6 tons are suitable for various small and medium-sized production enterprises, while biomass boilers with a capacity of more than 6 tons adopt an assembled structure, including two parts: the boiler body and moving grate, which are delivered to the project site and then installed.

amessly biomass fired boiler

amessly biomass fired boiler

The 10 ton biomass moving grate boiler is the more used boiler capacity in industrial production. When purchasing a 10 ton biomass boiler, how to select the type is a concern for customers. DZL10-1.25-T is a dual-purpose boiler that can burn both biomass and coal. The boiler structure is a single pot longitudinal chain grate furnace with high reliability, high safety and strong overload capacity, high thermal efficiency and other advantages. SZL10-1.25-T is the use of double barrel transverse structure, to overcome the barrel directly exposed to the furnace chamber and caused by overheating bulging phenomenon, the furnace arch using water-cooled arch structure, not only to increase the rigidity and stability of the arch, but also to extend the service life of the arch.

Biomass Boiler Food Industry Project
In the process of dried chrysanthemum processing, the processes of killing, kneading and drying require a large amount of high temperature steam as the heat source. This time, the food factory customer purchased a set of 10 ton biomass steam boiler is a hot product of ZOZEN, which has a mature manufacturing system. SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler is a double-barrel longitudinal chain grate boiler, consisting of two large parts, the upper part is the body heating surface, the lower part is the combustion equipment. Boiler installation work has been basically completed before leaving the factory, the site installation process is simple, short cycle and low cost, saving time and installation costs for enterprises.

This biomass boiler combustion equipment adopts a unique structural design, according to different tonnage, the grate from front to back set different numbers of independent air bins, the user can reasonably allocate the air according to different combustion conditions, to ensure the full combustion of fuel, combustion thermal efficiency of up to 88% or more.

wood fired steam boiler

wood fired steam boiler

Wood boiler is a kind of biomass boiler, ZOZEN boiler factory focus on researching and manufacturing biomass boilers for more than 30 years, with rich project service experience, now completed 15580 successful projects from home and abroad, in the boiler product quality and service professionalism by the customer’s unanimous praise. ZOZEN’s consulting service is online 24 hours, you can contact ZOZEN’s engineers via email, WhatsApp, or online consulting to answer your questions.

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