10 Ton Chain Grate Coal Boiler in Pakistan Textile Factory

December 22, 2021
Available industries: Textile Factory
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:10 tph

10 ton chain grate coal boiler in Pakistan
The customer from Pakistan needed to purchase a coal boiler for a textile factory to provide steam support for the dyeing, drying and sizing processes in the textile process. The customer indicated that the textile factory had a dusty workshop and was prone to static electricity, and needed steam to regulate the humidity in the room to eliminate static electricity and improve the production environment.

After carefully analyzing the customer’s needs, ZOZEN customized the SZL series 10 ton chain grate coal boiler system for the textile mill. This boiler is highly efficient, with strong overload capacity and wide adaptability to fuel types; at the same time, multiple independent air bins and air regulating doors are set in the base part, so that the furnace operator can adjust the air intake from front to back of the grate one by one according to different coal types and load conditions during use, ensuring that the boiler is always in good combustion condition.

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