The Differences Between Biomass-fired and Coal-fired Boiler

October 13, 2020

As is known to all, the environment plays a significant role in human survival and world development. Although coal-fired boilers are widely used in industrial production, they are prone to cause pollution and damage the ecological environment due to their high emission of polluting gases. Biomass-fired boilers takes biomass pellet as fuel, including straw, rice husk, sawdust, peanut shell, corn stalk, bark and so on. It has the advantages of low ignition point, high density, large energy and significantly increased combustion duration, and has become an environmentally friendly industrial boiler that can replace coal fired boiler.

10 ton biomass fired boilers

10 ton biomass fired boilers

Fuel Used in Boilers is Different

  1. The calorific value of biomass particles is about 10% lower than that of coal. However, in the combustion process, biomass pellet fuel can be basically burned out, while coal cannot, coal residue 10%~15% combustible components. Therefore, the calorific value of the two is equivalent in actual use.
  2. Biomass fuel low ignition point, easy to ignition, greatly shortens the fire start-up time.
  3. The solid discharge of biomass boilers is lower than that of coal-fired boilers, which reduces the cost of discharging slag and environmental pollution.
  4. Coal is much more polluting to the atmosphere and corrosive to boilers than biomass pellet fuels.
  5. The cost and time of biomass pellet fuel for boiler fuel is less than that of coal. The cost of burning biomass pellet fuel for a 0.5T boiler is 11% lower than that of burning coal, and the time saving is 34%. The fuel cost of a 0.5T boiler is 10% lower than that of burning coal, and the time saving is 16%.
  6. Generally, the continuous burning time of biomass fuel is 8~10 times higher than that of coal, and it is in a stable continuous burning state.
szl 20 ton biomass fired steam boiler

szl 20 ton biomass fired steam boiler

ZOZEN Biomass-fired Boilers

  1. According to different uses, biomass boilers developed by ZOZEN engineers include biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, biomass heating boilers and biomass power generation boilers, etc.;
  2. According to the size of biomass tonnage, the structure is divided into quick loading biomass boiler, assembling biomass boiler and bulk biomass boiler to adapt to more convenient and fast transportation;
  3. According to the biomass boiler models, it can be divided into DZL biomass boiler, SZL biomass boiler, SHL biomass boiler, DHL biomass boiler, etc., with complete models and superior quality.


ZOZEN production is boiler combustion of biomass boiler is made in cooperation with Shanghai jiaotong university research and development design, according to the characteristics of all kinds of biomass fuel boiler, the combustion rate, reasonable arrangement of furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace heating surface, to ensure the boiler combustion efficiency and evaporation, and its thermal efficiency can reach above 88%, and the NOx emissions can be as low as 100 mg/Nm 3, depends on boiler thermal efficiency of work time, can reduce fuel consumption, reduce operating costs. Our boiler has successful cases in chemical production, food processing, pharmaceutical production, clothing production, beverage production, hospital disinfection, building materials production and processing, petrochemical and other fields.

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