12 Ton Biomass Steam Boiler Used in Sugar Factory

October 9, 2020

Steam is mainly used to generate electricity, concentrate sugar juice and dry sugar in sugar mills, where bagasse and coal are mostly used as fuel. As the sugar plant consumes a lot of heat energy, it also needs a lot of coal. According to statistics, China’s sugar industry uses about 1.5 million tons of coal every year. However, coal-fired boilers belong to traditional industrial boilers. As is known to all, their environmental protection is relatively poor. With the increase of national emission requirements for coal-fired boilers, another type of environmental protection boiler is produced. With the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, biomass steam boiler, which uses firewood, rice husk and straw as fuel, has replaced coal-fired boiler and become a new choice in many industries, effectively reducing the fuel cost of boiler.

biomass chain grate boiler

biomass chain grate boiler

Case of 12 ton biomass steam boiler

In recent years, starch sugar as a new sweetener is more and more widely used in the food industry, starch sugar industry in the scale, yield, variety and other aspects of rapid development.
The production of starch sugar requires a great deal of steam. According to the steam quality requirements of Haocheng Food, ZOZEN Company provides customers with a 12 tons of DZL biomass steam boiler, using clean energy as fuel, reasonable speed to make fuel sufficient fuel, providing high quality steam, zero emission of CARBON dioxide.
Biomass boilers produced by ZOZEN include SZL series chain grate boiler, DZL series biomass boiler, DHL series biomass corner tube chain grate boiler and SHL series boiler. Boiler fuel wide applicability can be applied to biomass particles, sawdust, palm shell, straw and other fuels; At the same time according to the different fuel characteristics of the boiler reasonable design of the relevant structure to ensure that the boiler efficient energy saving and stable operation; Solve ash, coking, wear, burning arch, burning hopper and other problems.


Performance Advantage of Biomass Boilers

  1. The use of efficient heat transfer screw pipe effectively enhances the heat transfer effect, to achieve the biomass boiler temperature rise, boost the characteristics of fast, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
  2. The boiler structure is compact, compared with other types of boilers; the shape size is small, save the construction cost of boiler room.
  3. The boiler operation is stable, easy to maintain and overhaul full output.
  4. The unique double-layer secondary air design improves the ignition condition of biomass fuel, and the reasonable air distribution design forms an aerodynamic field favorable to combustion in the furnace, so that the combustion temperature is high and the combustion efficiency is high.
  5. Secondary air is arranged in front and rear arches to ensure secondary combustion of fly ash after particle decomposition with high combustion efficiency.
  6. The use of efficient insulation materials, boiler surface temperature is low, effectively reduce the boiler heat loss.
dzl biomass steam boiler

dzl biomass steam boiler

ZOZEN boiler has A class boiler pressure vessel manufacturing license and two boiler installation, renovation, maintenance qualifications; Participated in the drafting of a number of national boiler standards, with 59 applied patented technologies and a third-level enterprise of safety production standardization; ZOZEN Boiler DZL and SZL series biomass boilers cover more than 30 provinces and cities in China and more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Product performance is high, according to the user feedback on the operation of the field data, the actual operating conditions are good, can overload operation.

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