Fire Tube Boiler Used for Polyimide Fiber Production Line

March 15, 2022
Available industries: Polyimide Fiber Production Line
Project boiler medium:Steam
Capacity:3 ton

3 ton fire tube boiler

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As a chemical company developing and producing polyimide products, the customer built a new production line for high performance polyimide fibers and needed a steam boiler to provide steam for the wastewater distillation unit. The customer clearly indicated that natural gas was used as the fuel for the steam boiler. Since the company has strict local NOx emission standards, the customer re-emphasized in the boiler requirements that the boiler must meet the strict local emission standards.

After analyzing the high performance polyimide fiber production project, ZOZEN’s technical team concluded that the WNS series gas boiler is the most matching boiler product for the production line. This fire tube boiler alone has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and low emission, which can help customers effectively deal with the treatment efficiency of nitrogen-containing wastewater. This 3 tons steam boiler adopts full corrugated furnace gall design to increase the radiant heating surface, which effectively improves the heat transfer effect. A condenser and energy saver are added at the end of the flue, using the waste heat from the excluded flue gas to raise the boiler inlet temperature and lower the exhaust temperature, increasing the boiler thermal efficiency to over 98% and effectively saving the boiler operating cost.

The fire tube boiler produced by ZOZEN using various oil and gas fuels, including gas fuels such as natural gas, coke oven gas and biogas, and liquid fuels such as methanol, diesel, heavy oil, light oil and residual oil. The boilers are equipped with advanced low-NOx burners for different fuels, which effectively suppress the generation of nitrogen oxides and help companies easily achieve the low-NOx environmental protection emission requirements. This WNS series oil and gas boiler was produced and installed within the contracted time, and put into operation in time for the project. The customer is very satisfied with the automated operating system of the trench road, which easily realizes automatic adjustment of pressure, temperature, water level, etc., ensuring safe production.

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