Steam Boiler 2 Tons Per Hour 8 Bar

July 22, 2022

Industrial steam boiler 2 tons per hour 8 bar working pressure is a relatively common industrial boiler capacity, which is ideal for use in the processing and production process of small and medium-sized enterprises, and is an efficient and stable heating equipment. ZOZEN’s industrial boilers have been successfully used in food processing, chemical plants, paper production, feed mills, central heating, plastic industry, etc. These boilers are still stable in operation and customers have high praise for ZOZEN’s products and services.

2000kg gas-fired steam boiler

2000kg gas-fired steam boiler

WNS series 2 tons gas steam boilers at full load work at 144 cubic meters of fuel consumption per hour, if the condensing steam boiler hourly fuel consumption at 132.8 cubic meters. In comparison, condensing boilers can better recycle high-temperature flue gas and reduce the fuel consumption per unit time, which can save energy.

2 ton gas boiler in food processing enterprise project, the customer as a professional vegetable, fruit and nut processing of high quality food processing plant, for product safety and production of environmental protection has high requirements. The steam boiler provides high quality steam for the production process of drying and sterilization of food raw materials, which has a direct impact on product quality. Therefore, the customer had an in-depth understanding of ZOZEN in the pre-sales process from various aspects such as boiler production process and actual operation effect, and finally ZOZEN became the boiler supplier for food factory with its strong strength.

water treatment of gas fire tube oiler

water treatment of gas fire tube oiler

ZOZEN’s WNS series gas fire tube boilers, as ZOZEN’s star products, have mature production technology, energy saving and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, beautiful and atmospheric shape, advanced structure and other characteristics. The capacity of gas steam boiler ranges from 1 ton/hour to 20 ton/hour, which is the boiler product of choice for most food enterprises. The boiler adopts large-capacity combustion chamber structure to ensure full combustion of fuel, while sufficient steam storage space and multiple heating surface design make the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler as high as 98%.

Highly automatic gas boilers are equipped with advanced low-NOx burners, which can effectively suppress the generation of nitrogen oxides, low nitrogen emissions in line with strict environmental requirements, good environmental protection, and realizing truly green production for enterprises. As a well-known industrial boiler brand, ZOZEN constantly improves the manufacturing process, 80% of the automated production process to effectively reduce the errors generated by manual manufacturing, to ensure that each boiler is a high-quality product. Contact online customer service now for further information on ZOZEN boiler plants and projects.

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