Safe Oil and Gas Fuel Steam Boiler for Textile Industry

September 18, 2021

Oil and gas fuel steam boiler has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, large output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, etc. It is the ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green products; this series of boilers will play a very important role in the application fuel of thermal equipment in the future.

oil gas steam boiler exported to Pakistan

oil gas steam boiler exported to Pakistan

Industrial boiler is also inseparable from the stable heat source provided by the boiler in the production process of accumulator. New Energy Company chose WNS series gas boiler with excellent stability and energy saving property to provide steam heat source support for the production of battery. This series of gas-fired boilers adopt full wet-back structure, large diameter corrugated furnace bile not only effectively absorbs heat expansion, but also has sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, so that the boiler can produce high thermal power and high quality steam efficiently,oil and gas fuel steam boiler.

Characteristics of horizontal gas fired boiler

  1. Original imported burner and valve set; Alpine disposable valve instrument; south vertical stainless steel pump; PLC touch screen control system;
  2. The combustion chamber large volume, corrugated furnace structure design, equipped with dual energy saving device, fuel combustion fully complete, low smoke exhaust temperature, thermal efficiency can be increased by 5-10%;
  3. Double-layer seal with dislocation ceramic fiber, double-layer insulation with 12cm aluminum silicate, good insulation performance, small heat loss, energy saving more than 5%;
  4. With 6 water level protection and 8 pressure protection functions, such as overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, leak detection and flameout, etc., iot monitoring ensures safe and reliable operation;
  5. Low nitrogen FGR combustion technology, NOx < 30mg/m, numerous operation sites, available for visit and investigation;
6 ton gas fired steam boiler

6 ton gas fired steam boiler

The price of a 6 ton gas-fired boiler can only be determined according to the type of the boiler and the configuration of the auxiliary equipment. Boiler host is ontology, and auxiliary boiler equipment, it contains points cylinder (tank), valves, meters, chimney, water treatment, softened water tank, computer control cabinet, burner, etc., different brand, the price will be different, so the price of 6 tons of gas boiler need to direct consultation boiler sales manufacturers, understand the product structure and various parameters to determine the specific price.

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