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February 24, 2020

As a kind of energy saving and environmental protection boiler, the material boiler has indeed contributed to the protection of the natural environment and energy resources. In addition, many customers are not clear about the operating cost of biomass boilers. This article starts from biomass boilers. , Comparative analysis of the operating costs of different fuels.

Boilers can be divided into coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric heating boilers, and biomass boilers according to the fuel used. Understanding the operating costs of various fuels can reduce boiler operating costs, thereby increasing the economic benefits of the enterprise. This is a factor that must be taken into consideration.


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Take the cost of heating 50 tons of 42 ° C hot water as an example:

1 kilogram of water needs 1 kcal of heat to heat 1 degree. This calculation is based on 10 degrees of tap water: 42-10 = 32 degrees (Δ = 32 degrees) to warm to 42 degrees. 50 tons of water = 50000 kilograms and 1 degree = 50000. X 1 kcal = 50000 kcal heating 32 degrees = 50000 kcal X 32 = kcal


1.  Coal-fired boiler

The calorific value of standard coal for coal-fired boilers is 5000 kcal / kg. Based on the coal price of each place, the average value is 1.2 yuan per kilogram. Kcal ÷ 5000 kcal X 1.2 yuan = 384 yuan. The thermal efficiency of coal-fired boilers is generally 8084 ÷ 0.8 = 480 yuan.


2. Biomass boiler

The caloric value of biomass particles on the market is 4000 kcal / kg. According to the biomass particles in each place, the calorie is calculated at 1 yuan per kilogram ÷ 4000 kcal X 1 yuan = 400 yuan. The thermal efficiency of biomass boilers is generally 80 @ 0 ÷ 0.8 = 500 yuan.


3. Gas boiler

The calorific value of natural gas is 8600 kcal / m3. Based on the average price of natural gas in various places, the caloric value is calculated at 3.5 yuan per cubic meter ÷ 8600 kcal X 3.5 yuan = 651 yuan. The thermal efficiency of gas boilers is generally 90%, 651 ÷ 0.9 = 723 yuan.


4. Fuel oil boiler

The calorific value of diesel is 9600 kcal / kg. According to the current diesel price per kilogram, 7.6 kcal ÷ 9600 kcal X 7.6 yuan = 1266 yuan. The thermal efficiency of oil-fired boilers is generally 90%, 1266 ÷ 0.9 = 1407 yuan.


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According to the above data, the operating costs of heating 50 tons of 42-degree hot water for bathing with various fuels are: RMB 480 for coal-fired boilers, RMB 500 for biomass boilers, RMB 723 for gas boilers, and RMB 1407 for oil-fired boilers.

The specific situation of various fuel consumption costs should start from the actual situation of boiler equipment. From the above data, it can be known that the operating cost of biomass boilers is lower than that of all boiler fuels. In the case of comprehensive consideration of operating costs and environmental benefits, choosing a biomass boiler is still a more economical approach.

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