Industrial Hot Water Boiler Prices

September 2, 2020

Industrial hot water boiler is a heat exchange device that uses the heat of waste heat in fuel or industrial production to heat the working medium to a certain temperature and pressure. The boiler is widely used and has many types. According to the type of fuel hot water boilers can be divided into many kinds, such as electric hot water boiler, oil-fired hot water boiler, gas-fired hot water boiler, coal-fired hot water boiler and so on, although these boilers fuel different, but can be very good for people’s service, in people’s life mainly play the role of heating and bathing.

industrial hot water boiler

industrial hot water boiler

Characteristics of hot water boilers

  1. Control system: the boiler adopts microcomputer control system, automatic ignition, and the use of advanced variable speed technology to automatically control the air volume, heating quickly. It has the functions of temperature setting, cycle control, time setting, automatic furnace sealing, and fault alarm and so on.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving: for three return middle and small boiler, the boiler two combustion process, one is the burning of coal gasification fuel itself, is a fuel produced under the condition of high temperature in an airtight combustible mixed gas after gasification and combustion process of boiler reasonable design structure make fuel gasification process smoothly sufficient, safe, and uses the reverse gasification combustion, the combustion safety, and equipped with special economizer, the boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 90% above, exhaust smoke temperature is below 100 degrees.
  3. Energy conservation and environmental protection: the fuel is smokeless and safely burned, and the emission has reached the emission requirements of Class I regions in China.
  4. Safety: The boiler operates under normal pressure without annual inspection and professional stoker operation.
  5. Excellent heat preservation performance: the boiler adopts overall heat preservation to reduce heat loss.
  6. Easy to install: the boiler is small in size, no tall chimney, easy to install.
  7. Easy to clean: the coal gasification fuel after safe combustion ashes into a small amount of white powder or small pieces of material is easy to handle.

Hot water boiler is widely used in the textile and clothing, printing and dyeing, food, chemical and other industries for ironing, drying, heat treatment and hotels, schools, hotels and enterprises and institutions steamed dishes, steamed rice, supply hot water or hot water, disinfection and so on.

szl hot water boilers

szl hot water boilers

Hot water boilers that provides hot water for industrial production every hour, the unit is MW. Many customers start to inquire about the price of the boiler, but in fact the boiler can’t quote all of a sudden, because there are many factors affecting the price of the hot water boiler. Enterprise boiler when the choose and buy, need to choose according to own actual need to determine what kind of boiler, the boilers parameters mainly include h rated heating load, the rated working pressure, water and water supply temperature and for fuel, enterprise can according to the several parameters to determine the boiler model, and then considering the price of the hot water boilers.


Secondly, after determining the model of the boiler, the price of the boiler is mainly determined by the external conditions such as tonnage, the brand of the boiler auxiliary machine, and the transportation area. The above is the price of industrial hot water boiler analyzed by ZOZEN. The hot water boilers produced by ZOZEN has many advantages, such as sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, stable and reliable operation, strong overload capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. The heating area layout is more reasonable, welcome to consult through online customer service, email and phone.

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