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August 26, 2022

Coal palm shell fired boiler is an assembled chain grate boiler, ZOZEN Boiler’s SZL series coal biomass boiler can directly use coal, palm shell, rice husk, firewood, etc. as fuel, the boiler selects reciprocating grate to effectively ensure the full combustion of fuel, at the same time, the front wall is arranged with secondary air, controlled by a valve, which is put into use when burning biomass fuel to strengthen the combustion, so that the fuel is fully burned and improve Combustion efficiency. The water-cooled wall of both walls of the solid fuel boiler chamber adopts the membrane water-cooled wall structure, and the tail section is equipped with coal saver. The flue gas passes through the furnace chamber, combustion chamber, convection tube bundle and coal saver into the tail flue, and is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust collector, induced draft fan and chimney.

20 tph palm shell fired boiler

20 tph palm shell fired boiler

In Indonesia, there are abundant palm shell resources, and palm oil mills produce a large amount of palm shells in the production process of palm oil, so using these wastes as steam boiler fuel can effectively save fuel costs, so most oil mills choose coal palm shell boilers. Customers can purchase industrial steam boiler products according to the amount of steam demand in production. ZOZEN is a coal palm shell boiler manufacturer with more than 30 years of rich experience in production, sales and project installation, and has provided high-quality boilers for many well-known local companies.

As a major raw material in the oleochemical industry, palm oil is an important raw material for production in the food and beauty industries. The customer needed to renovate and expand the palm oil production line and introduce advanced production equipment and processes, which included steam boilers. During the pre-project communication, ZOZEN Boiler proposed a reasonable boiler system solution based on the production characteristics of the palm oil plant from the customer’s perspective, and therefore, the customer decided to introduce coal-fired palm shell boilers manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler.

6 tons biomass steam boiler

6 tons biomass steam boiler

ZOZEN boiler DZL series biomass boiler belongs to the quick assembly boiler, fast installation, time and material saving, compact structure, small footprint, etc., with high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity and other advantages. SZL series biomass palm shell fired boiler belongs to the assembly boiler, has the original membrane water-cooled wall structure, innovative front and rear arch structure, extended grate, double side air intake to facilitate the adjustment of the air volume size of each air chamber and other advantages.

Palm husk, as a renewable and clean energy source, is successfully applied in the boiler field to greatly cater to the trend of environmental sustainability. As a professional industrial boiler manufacturer, the biomass boiler products produced by ZOZEN Boiler are more suitable for various biomass fuels. For more information about palm shell boiler project, welcome to consult ZOZEN boiler factory engineers, 24-hour online consultation at any time for customer service.

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