Hot Sale Automatic Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler

July 18, 2022

ZOZEN boiler factory hot sale automatic oil gas fired steam boiler rated steam capacity from 1 ton to 100 tons, oil gas boiler can burn gas fuel (natural gas, biogas, LPG, gas, etc.) and light oil or heavy oil, widely used in various industries, such as medicine, chemical industry, building materials, food processing, wood processing, garment factories, farms, textile factories, hotels and other industries.

WNS series oil gas boiler is divided into two combustion methods, if burning gas fuel is called gas steam boiler, it is equipped with a gas burner, while burning light oil or heavy oil fuel is called oil steam boiler, it is equipped with an oil burner. WNS series fire tube boiler adopts three-way wet-back construction design, and the combustion chamber of the boiler is composed of large diameter corrugated hearth, which not only can increase the combustion space but also can make the fuel burn fully, further absorb thermal expansion and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

automatic oil gas boiler

automatic oil gas boiler

ZOZEN produces oil gas boilers with multiple protection devices, with over-temperature, water shortage, flameout, overpressure and other protection devices, and has an automatic reset function, which can further improve the operational safety of the boiler. WNS series natural gas boiler uses gas as the boiler fuel, and generally adopt micro-positive pressure combustion, without the need to configure the induced draft fan, with the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacturing, short installation period, low maintenance costs, etc. loved by users in various industries.

This package gas boiler is installed as a whole at the boiler plant, delivered to the customer’s project site and then connected to external water and electricity piping and ready for commissioning, effectively helping the customer save on infrastructure costs. Take the 4 ton gas boiler for the dairy plant project as an example, the customer uses the biogas generated from the fermentation of cow manure as fuel, and the boiler produces 4 tons of steam per hour to provide a stable high-temperature heat source to kill toxins during the dairy production process.

biogas fuel fire tube boiler used for dairy production

biogas fuel fire tube boiler used for dairy production

ZOZEN boiler provides WNS series 4 tons biogas steam boiler with large heat receiving area, which can absorb heat better and will make the exhaust temperature lower, with less heat loss, which can guarantee sufficient power output and produce steam fast and high quality. Biogas boiler is a new energy boiler suitable for farms, slaughterhouses, etc. Many famous dairy companies choose ZOZEN boiler as industrial boiler supplier, if your food factory needs to purchase industrial steam boiler, welcome to contact through online customer service, email, WhatsApp to consult the latest offer of boiler.

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