Horizontal Biomass Boiler Price South Africa

November 16, 2020

Horizontal biomass boiler has been able to use all aspects of industrial production and daily life, such as production, power generation, heating and so on, and biomass boilers combustion efficiency can reach the level of coal-fired boilers, more clean and efficient. Biomass is a kind of clean low-carbon fuels, and the low sulfur and nitrogen, ash content are also small, after burning the Sox and NOx emissions than fossil fuels, has the characteristics of renewable energy, is the country promote the use of new energy, the operating cost is lower than gas about half, economical and practical, is an ideal product to high requirements of environmental protection area.

horizontal biomass boiler

horizontal biomass boiler

Biomass boiler fuel is still a lot of, such as straw, bagasse, rice husk, sawdust, palm shell and so on, and biomass boiler fuel is renewable. However, direct burning of biomass can be used in use, but the combustion efficiency is not high, because all biomass fuels will be used through reprocessing, so the combustion efficiency will be higher and the use will be more convenient.

DZL biomass steam boiler on both sides of the water-cooled wall to constitute the furnace and convection flue, boiler barrel is arranged with a single return thread smoke pipe, the tail has cast iron economizer. The front arch and the back arch are water-cooled in the furnace. The front arch is stepped and the back arch is herb-shaped, which makes the coverage of the arch close to 85% and is conducive to the burning of bituminous coal. Adopt bulk chain grate to realize mechanical combustion. Mechanical ventilation with an induced draft fan, and a slag discharge machine to achieve mechanical slag discharge, complete control monitoring instruments.

biomass chain grate boiler

biomass chain grate boiler

The operating cost of biomass boiler is the lowest in the current boiler products, compared with the traditional coal fired boiler, its thermal efficiency can be up to more than 80%, while the coal fired boiler is below 80%. The improvement of boiler thermal efficiency can not only shorten the working time but also reduce the operating cost. ZOZEN boiler products using digital integrated controller, users can according to the set program to control the combustion conditions, the operation is very convenient, can realize automatic ignition, automatic ash cleaning, automatic feeding.

Horizontal biomass boiler price is affected by many factors, such as boiler thermal efficiency, tonnage, auxiliary equipment, brand, etc. Wuxi ZOZEN boiler Co., LTD is a company with more than 30 years of industrial boiler production experience and has 13,350 successful cases. Our customers come from more than 100 countries and regions in the world. If you are looking for boilers, please feel free to contact us.

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