Efficiency Biomass Fired Boiler Price in Indonesia

May 2, 2022

The use of biomass energy as fuel is not limited by time, climate and region, and the emission of pollutants is low. ZOZEN biomass boiler operation environmental protection, fuel saving, automatic feeding, slag, blower induced draft fan frequency conversion regulation, boiler automatic operation, can automatically adjust the amount of fuel according to load changes, steam output stability. With pressure, water level, exhaust temperature and other protection and alarm measures to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. The biomass steam boiler developed and produced by ZOZEN Boiler in Wuxi is the first choice of boiler equipment in many industries.

biomass-fired steam boiler in chemical industry

biomass-fired steam boiler in chemical industry

Biomass fuel boiler combustion can achieve zero CO2 emissions, NOx trace emissions, SO2 emissions less than 33.6mg/m3, dust emissions less than 46mg/m3, compared with coal burning, oil burning boiler, its pollution index is very low. According to the national emission control indicators for air pollutants, boiler emission standards: SO2≤100mg/m3, smoke ≤100mg/m3, so biomass boiler emission standards meet the control indicators, and the emission concentration is far lower than the national standard.

DZL biomass boiler application of new furnace design, so that the fuel combustion process to achieve maximum benefit, effectively reduce fuel costs, improve thermal efficiency. Moreover, the ash residue after combustion can also be used as farm manure, which is a highly efficient and energy-saving environmental protection product. Biomass boiler is burning straw, sawdust and other crop waste, users will worry about fuel combustion is not easy to clean up. ZOZEN DZL biomass boilers use threaded smoke tubes to enhance heat transfer. Threaded smoke tubes have a self-cleaning function, which reduces the workload of furnace cleaning.

6 ton coal fired steam boiler

6 ton coal fired steam boiler

Biomass before hot water boiler fuel from coal bucket on the front of the fire grate, with grate operation, after preheating dry distillation, ignition, combustion, state slag fall into slag bucket, row from time to time by the slag machine, smoke throat between before and after the arch can form vortex mixing with air, and heating before arch, improve fire condition, the upper arch export smokestack into two wings convection bank, through smoke box before into the threaded pipe, economizer, dust catcher, by induced draft fan to chimneys.

Biomass chain grate is an ideal industrial thermal energy equipment, not only can reduce costs for enterprises, bring rich economic returns, and waste utilization, to achieve the common development of economic and social benefits. ZOZEN’s biomass boilers are used in many food factories and chemical plants. DZL type and SZL type boiler parameters are different; the price of biomass boiler is also different. As a professional manufacturer of various types of biomass boilers, oil and gas boilers, reliable quality, won the praise of customers at home and abroad, selling well in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, welcome to send email to zhulin@zozen.com or online chat for the latest quotation.

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