DZL 2 ton Coal-fired Boiler in Thailand

November 20, 2020

Industrial 2 ton coal-fired boiler is the one with the highest utilization rate in the industrial production process and has a long history. Coal-fired boilers are popular because of the low cost of coal and are the best choice in areas rich in coal resources. ZOZEN can produce 2 tons to 100 tons capacity of coal fired boilers, including chain grate boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, Angle tube boiler and other 6 series of products.

szl coal-fired stseam boiler

szl coal-fired stseam boiler

Coal-fired Boiler Features

  1. High combustion efficiency, wide fuel adaptability. The difference between circulating fluidized bed boiler and other types boilers is the combustion system. The circulating fluidized bed boiler is consist of combustor, material collector and refeeder. Highheat materials enter into collector under the airblow, and the collected materials enter into refeeder, then into combustor through refeeder, thus can achieve circulating combustion repeatedly, so combustion efficiency is high. Almost all kinds of fuel (bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, petroleum coke and so on) can be burned in CFB boiler inside, and can realize stable combustion under 30% rated load.
  2. Pure combustion technology. Less SOX and NOX emission to improve atmospheric environment and quality.
  3. Easy to realize comprehensive use of ash dregs. Low temperature combustion and fully burning condition make the ash dregs with low carbon content and easy to be used synthetically.


DZL series package chain grate boiler has the advantages of fast installation, time-saving and material saving, compact structure, small floor area, high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity, etc. It is the best design product of the same kind of domestic products.

DZL boiler body is single boiler barrel longitudinal arrangement; the boiler barrel is arranged inside the thread fireworks tube to form the convection heating surface, the boiler barrel and both sides of the water cooling wall to form the furnace radiation heating surface. The combustion equipment adopts light chain grate; the whole fast installation form leaves the factory. Electric control realizes stepless speed regulation, limit parameter alarm and interlock protection.

2 ton Coal-fired Boiler

2 ton Coal-fired Boiler

In rubber drying, calendaring, sulfide in the process of enterprise production process uses a large number of steam, such as the user for the boiler thermal efficiency is very valued, ZOZEN boiler for its manufacturing is one of four tons of DZL coal-fired steam boiler, the boiler series belong to the horizontal three return water pipe chain grate boiler, combustible with intermediate bituminous coal and anthracite. Threaded pipe is also an efficient heat transfer element researched by ZOZEN for many years, and its heat transfer coefficient is 1.8 times higher than that of ordinary pipe.

The different needs of different users to buy boiler, users may cost of boiler operation of paper mill is even more important, the price of 2 ton coal-fired boiler also will be affected by brand, boiler efficiency, auxiliary engine accessories, and other factors, so only understanding to the specific needs of users can be targeted solutions offer customization of the boiler system. If you need to contact online customer service, we will have professionals according to your needs for your quotation.

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